Post illness or hospital stay rehabilitation

North Notts Physiotherapy provides specialist rehabilitation following an illness or hospital stay. Following any stay in hospital it can leave you feeling weaker and fatigued. Muscles decrease in strength by 10-20% per week of inactivity. This can have considerable impact on a person’s mobility and quality of life and often simple daily activities such as preparing meals or climbing the stairs can become difficult. Muscle pain, posture and balance problems are just some of the other issues that can arise from a period of inactivity. North Notts Physiotherapy can help with these problems, improving your quality of life, independence and confidence.

post illness hospital stay rehabilitation at home

How i can help

At North Notts Physiotherapy i can assist with your rehabilitation from an illness or hospital stay by providing the following

  • A comprehensive assessment to help to identify your issues and needs.
  • A structured exercise plan to strengthen key muscles
  • Mobility practise including the use of walking aids
  • Practise of functional activities around the home
  • Advice on management of pain
  • Provided advice with regards to any equipment aids you may require short or long term to enable you perform your normal activities of daily living more easily.

At north Notts Physiotherapy i ensure that treatment is based around your specific goals and needs. If you would like to book an appointment or ask a question please contact me