Neurological physiotherapy

North Notts Physiotherapy provides a highly specialist Neurological physiotherapy service. I have the required skills and expertise to treat a wide range of neurological conditions. At North Notts Physiotherapy i provide treatment for people with sensory, motor and functional problems originating from conditions that affect the body’s nervous system. Neurological conditions can cause a wide range of debilitating problems which often affect normal movements and simple everyday tasks. The symptoms arising from neurological conditions are often life changing and severely affect a persons quality of life.

Neurological conditions can cause temporary or permanent disruption of the body’s central nervous system including the brain and spinal cord. This disruption means the messages from the brain are unable to reach the affected parts of the body causing issues with movement and sensation. Physiotherapy can help to stimulate the nervous system in a specific way to help rewire the nerve pathways allowing the messages from the brain to be better received.

I have experience in treating a range of neurological conditions including

  • Strokes
  • Head injuries
  • Parkinson’s
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Guillian – Barre syndrome
  • Motor Neurone disease

Common problems

Neurological conditions can cause the following types of symptoms and difficulties

  • Walking difficulties
  • Co-ordination and balance
  • Uncontrolled movements and tremor
  • Loss of muscle power
  • Loss of normal movement
  • Spasticity and joint stiffness
  • difficulty with functional activities
  • Reduced sensation
  • Fatigue and reduced exercise tolerance

How i can help

Physiotherapy for neurological conditions aims to aid recovery, optimise movement, slow degenerative conditions and improve quality of life. We can do this using a variety of different treatments including

  • Manual therapy
  • Specific home exercises to improve muscle activation, strength and flexibility
  • Re-education of walking
  • Mobility practise using specific walking aids
  • Transfer practise of functional activities
  • Management of respiratory problems
  • Advice on home adaptations

At north Notts Physiotherapy i ensure that treatment is based around your specific goals and needs. If you would like to book an appointment or ask a question please contact me