How does it work?

All of our appointments are by home visit. We will travel to you whether it is in your own home, residential/care home, day centre or similar environment. This is of great benefit as we can assess your specific needs and problems within the environment you are in the most. We perform a comprehensive assessment and then formulate a treatment plan to help you improve your condition and achieve your goals, We treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from falls prevention, rehabilitation for the elderly or following illness or surgery, neurological and respiratory conditions and care home assessments.

What qualifications do you have?

North Notts Physiotherapy is ran solely by Dawn Taylor. Dawn qualified from Sheffiled Hallam University with a BSc (Hons) in physiotherapy in 2009. Since then Dawn has worked extensively in the NHS and private settings. She is a registered physiotherapist, member of the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) with full DBS clearance. Dawn has experience of working in a community physiotherapy service providing care directly into the homes of patients. She has gained specialist knowledge in assisting with discharges home from hospital, facilitating return home from care settings, rehabilitation following illness or operations, neurological and respiratory rehabilitation and much more.  She has seen at first hand the challenges and obstacles that some people face within the home and in the community, and how that can impact on daily life. Dawn is passionate about what she does and she aims to provide advice and rehabilitation to improve the quality of life of her patients.

Will Physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy has been shown to be effective in numerous large scale studies however this question can only be fully answered following an comprehensive initial assessment to see what needs and problems you may have. Because there are many different aspects within physiotherapy we often find we are effective in making a difference in some way. If you are unsure whether we may be able to help then please contact us and we can discuss this prior to booking an appointment. We are open and honest and if we don’t feel physiotherapy is the right option then we will say so and try and point you in the direction of other services that may be of help.

Do i need a referral from a doctor?

We don’t require a referral from a doctor so you can simply get in touch and arrange an appointment. We do often find doctors have recommended physiotherapy and we are more than happy to receive any information from your doctor or any other health professional. With your permission we can provide your doctor with written information about the assessments and treatments we provide

How do i arrange an appointment?

Simply contact us by email at dawn@northnottsphysiotherapy.co.uk or by phone on 07307638930. We don’t have a waiting list so we can normally book an appointment immediately.

How do I pay?

All payments can be processed by card (debit and credit) or cash. All payments are taken at the end of your initial or follow up appointments. We don’t require any upfront payments or deposit.

Can I rearrange or cancel an appointment?

We appreciate you may need to rearrange or cancel an appointment. All we ask is that you try and provide us with more than 24 hours notice. We can often be flexible and adjust appointment dates and times to suit your individual requirements.

At north Notts Physiotherapy we ensure that treatment is based around your specific goals and needs. If you would like to book an appointment or ask us a question please contact us